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Creative expression is central to the developing mind. At SWS, we view opportunities to engage in artistic activities as essential to nurturing creative thinking. But we aren’t an art school. Our focus is on fostering creative, flexible thinking.

Our teachers carefully align creative developmental activities with emerging cognitive, emotional, and physical stages of growth. Art, music, handwork, sculpting, woodwork and movement arts are intrinsically interwoven with chemistry, physics, mathematics, botany, literature and history.

We integrate art and academics in a methodology that gives richness to both. We develop analytical thinkers with imaginative minds capable of producing prolific, life-changing ideas. These are the young people who will define the world of tomorrow. And they will do so by redefining society’s conception of intelligence, acumen and originality.

Our Grade school encompasses first through eighth grades. Throughout this period, children learn best through strong experiences that stir the emotions. SWS meets that need by presenting subjects pictorially and dramatically, and by cultivating their imaginative capacities.

Drawing, painting, poetry, recitation, drama, singing and playing a musical instrument all build academic skills that deepen comprehension. Subjects as diverse as mathematics and grammar, woodcarving and knitting, sports and foreign language are taught imaginatively and artistically in widely divergent ways.

In each year, the curriculum offers content appropriate to the child’s development. This approach allows motivation to arise from within, laying the foundation for joyful lifelong learning. SWS students are known to go on and excel at the high school of their choice. Our alumni have continued on to graduate from universities all over the world.

Learning More The best way to experience the Waldorf curriculum in action is to attend one of our upcoming Open Houses & Tours. Contact our Admissions office to RSVP Inquire Now.

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