Head of School - Kevin McDuff


A long time Waldorf parent, Kevin's family began their journey with Waldorf education in 1988. He first enrolled his daughter in Kindergarten at Highland Hall Waldorf School in California. Like many parents starting out with a first child, he did not know much about  Waldorf schools, but over the years could see the clear benefit. By the time his son was to enroll in Preschool (ten years later), Waldorf education had taken his daughter through the grades, and Waldorf education was a priority for his family. 

Following his daughter's Grade 12 graduation from Highland Hall, Kevin and his family decided to make a move to a more rural setting. The family chose Vancouver Island and Sunrise Waldorf School. With the surrounding forests and oceans to explore, Kevin could not imagine a better environment for his growing boy.

In 2010, after many years as a parent at SWS, Kevin applied for the Business Administrator's position at our school. Kevin could see the need for direction and leadership at SWS and has served our school as a trusted servant ever since. His varied background in journalism, legal services, and computer technologies has made him an invaluable asset to our administrative team. In 2012, SWS established the position for Head of School. After serving for one year as interim HOS, Kevin was hired permanently for the position. The combination of learning about Anthroposophy and Waldorf education, as well as the experience of having two children in Waldorf Schools for so many years, gives Kevin the experience and perspective to support our parents, staff, and faculty in the best possible way. 


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