Sunrise Waldorf School Teachers 2017-2018


Sun Child Preschool Lead - Lisa Dodd

Lisa Dodd has lived in the Cowichan Valley for nearly 5 years. She loves the forests, rivers and beaches that surround us.  Lisa has been an early childhood educator for many years and feels such fulfillment from working with families and children, and she feels very honored to be teaching in the preschool at SWS this year. 

Bright Angel Kindergarten - Dorota Ignaszewska  

Born in Poland and nourished by rich Polish culture, I grew to love all forms of artistic expression and creativity. After finishing my studies of philosophy in Lublin I spent two years in Cambridge, England earning my proficiency in English credential. In Canada I worked as a kindergarten teacher in Yellowknife. After a year of studies at the Waldorf Institute in Spring Valley, I came to Vancouver Island where I worked as a biodynamic farmer, toymaker of Fairywood Toys, Celtic harp performer and substitute teacher at Sunrise Waldorf School. While raising my daughter in the Cowichan Valley, I took the Waldorf teacher training with the West Coast Institute for Studies in Anthroposophy and was engaged to teach music and woodcarving classes with the teacher trainees. I was the first kindergarten teacher at Alta Lake School in Whistler and then went back to Sunrise Waldorf School to work as a class and music teacher. I completed my degree in Education at the University of Victoria and then taught at the Whistler Waldorf School.

I love puppetry, nature walks, harp playing and dancing.


Shining Star Kindergarten - Mima Djordjevic

Miss Mima was born in Yugoslavia to parents who were both elementary school teachers. She graduated from the Belgrade University of Economics, and was employed at the City planning Institute. She soon realized her heart was really in working with children, so she entered a part time teacher training program. In 1989, when she moved to Vancouver she worked as a nanny, in a children’s group home and as a family services support worker. Ten years later she moved to the Cowichan Valley. In her search for the right education for her children she attended a parent education series and recognized a deep kinship with the strivings and philosophy of Waldorf education. Miss Mima enrolled her children at SWS and completed the Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training at the West Coast Institute. Miss Mima worked in the preschool for three years, before moving to Shining Star Kindergarten in 2007. She feels fortunate to have found her life calling where every day her encounters with children, parents and colleagues bring new joys and opportunities for growth. In her free time she enjoys dancing, swimming, outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.



Shining Star Kindergarten - Angela Sheppard

Miss Angela has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Calgary majoring in Women's Studies with a minor in Sociology. She is currently enrolled in her final year of the Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training at the West Coast Institute.  Angela moved to the Cowichan Valley nine years ago to attend the Parent and Child program at SWS which was the beginning of a life changing journey.   She is the mother to two Sunrise Waldorf Students, and is honored and blessed to be a Kindergarten teacher in the Shining Star Kindergarten.



Class 1 - Michaela Lohsen

Michaela has a formal university degree in education and teaching from the University of Osnabreuck, Germany, and was a public school teacher in Germany following her training.  She has started her Waldorf teacher training with the West Coast Institute in 2017, although she has experience with Waldorf methods through five years of homeschooling her own children using the Waldorf curriculum as well as several years teaching at Sunrise as a substitute teacher.

When moving to the island 12 years ago, Michaela enrolled in the Parent and Child Program at Sunrise and got inspired by Anthroposophy. Over the past twelve years her interest in education has shifted from the conventional education method to a more in depth study of Anthroposophy and the Waldorf approach to teaching.  Through homeschooling her children and by being a Substitute Teacher at Sunrise Waldorf School she has had the good fortune of being able to experience firsthand the positive effects this learning method has and how well the curriculum is in tune with what child development requires.



Class 2 - Hans Peter Mothes

Mr. Mothes completed his Waldorf Teacher Training in Germany, with additional training as a foreign language teacher in French and German. In addition, he holds a Bachelor's Degree and a Diploma from the College for Anthroposophic Pedagogy. He has taught at Waldorf Schools in the United States, taking a class to grade eight, as well as a specialty teacher. He has opted to remain offline.




Class 3 - Kate Neuman Rose

Bio and photo coming soon... 






Class 4 - Trisha Sveistrup

Trisha Sveistrup is happy to be back on the West coast, this time on ​Vancouver​ Island​! She completed her Bachelor of Arts and Aviation Diploma at the University of Fraser Valley and her Bachelor of Education at the University of Manitoba. During her time at Halton Waldorf School, where she served as both a substitute teacher and a board member, she completed the Foundation Studies Course from the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto, as well as two years of Life as Art through Arscura School for Living Art.​​ With her love of learning, she is currently enrolled in the West Coast Institute completing her Waldorf Teacher Training and looks forward to attending the Waldorf Teacher Conferences.


Ms Sveistrup was born and raised on the Prairies. She has traveled and lived in various places around the world, such as South Africa and South Korea. She looks forward to settling into the Cowichan Valley while continuing her love of travelling and experiencing new cultures with her children and husband. She brings her passion and dedication of Waldorf education to SWS.





Class 5 - Janet Jewell

A fourth generation Washingtonian, Janet Jewell is a career Waldorf teacher with a Master's from Antioch University/New England. She has taught preschool through the grades for many years, also specializing in school choirs. She was a school mentor and teacher in Public Waldorf Charter Schools. She raised four lovely children in "Waldorf ways" and enjoys visiting them in exotic places. Janet is a singing, biking, hiking, and swimming enthusiast and spends most summers on Orcas Island.






Class 6 - Schuyler Koby

Schuyler Koby grew up in Princeton, New Jersey.  She attended Smith College, in Massachusetts, and then the University of California at Berkeley, where she earned her B.A. in English Language and Literature in 1999. She moved to British Columbia to start her family and began teaching music and singing to children when her own children were young. Realizing that teaching was her calling, she attended Vancouver Island University to earn her Bachelor of Education in 2012.  After visiting Sunrise Waldorf School it became her dream to teach in a Waldorf environment, so she began her studies at the West Coast Institute in the summer of 2015. She became the class four teacher at Sunrise the following fall. Schuyler loves to sing and has given recitals as a soprano soloist. She also loves to go polar bear swimming and to hike the enchanted forests of Salt Spring Island, where she is raising her two daughters and her stepson. She has three dogs and one cat.





Class 7 - Joy Harris

Joy is a prairie girl who loves living on the Island!  She was born and raised in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and spent about 20 years raising her family in Regina.  She received her degree in Education from the University of Regina and upon graduating, she traveled to Japan to teach at private language schools for 3 years.  She has also taught in the public schools in Saskatchewan and worked at the University of Regina for 10 years. As a parent of 4 children, she initially became exposed to the Waldorf school philosophy when a Waldorf-inspired school opened up in Regina.  She immediately enrolled her children and became enchanted with the curriculum.  Her family moved to the Cowichan Valley in order for her children to be educated at SWS.  She loved the school community so much that she began taking her Waldorf Education training with the West Coast Institute in 2015.  She taught in the Grade 1, 2, and 3 classrooms during the 2015/2016 school year and is very excited to continue teaching in Class 6 this year.                            




Class 8 - Lisa Hitch


Ms. Hitch is pleased to be venturing into her seventh year at Sunrise Waldorf School and is delighted to be working with such a warm and supportive community. Ms. Hitch has been with this class since Grade One.

Ms. Hitch holds a Bachelors of Education in Elementary Education with specializations in French, ESL and drama and a BFA in Theatre Performance. She has also graduated from the West Coast Institute for Studies in Anthroposophy with her full Waldorf Teacher Certification. As well as teaching elementary school, she has taught high school in Europe, drama to all ages, French and ESL. Originally from Victoria, Ms. Hitch began her Waldorf journey when her own children began their schooling at Washington Waldorf School, and she has been on a continual learning path in this direction ever since. Ms. Hitch has two teenage sons, a partner and two dogs, and enjoys playing music with her family, and spending lots of time outdoors.







French - Katia Rheault

Katia Rheault was born in the city of Quebec to a French Canadian father and a Mexican mother.  She grew up in Mexico City where she did all her schooling in French (she holds a Baccalauréat from the Lycée Franco-Mexicain).  Her first job was teaching French to Grades 7, 8 and 9 at a private school in Mexico City. She holds a BA in Psychology, and a diploma in translation. In Mexico, she worked as an English-Spanish and French-Spanish literary translator for 20 years.  She also became a certified Yoga teacher and taught Yoga for 10 years. In 2009, Ms. Rheault, her husband and young son emigrated to Canada and enrolled in the Parent and Toddler programme at Sunrise upon arriving.  Ms. Rheault then decided to delve into Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education.  She completed her Waldorf elementary teacher training at Antioch University New England in 2013, and has been working at Sunrise ever since.







Handwork - Aurelia Bellavita

My passion for teaching and creating with colour and texture is a strong thread that has run through my entire life. It hard to say where it began, it has just always been there – It is in my blood so to speak and it was nurtured by very supportive and creative parents and grandparents.

I began knitting when I was six and I grew up surrounded by beautiful things handmade by my mother, many of which I eventually learned how to make myself. I also spent many hours stitching with my grandmother, a professional teacher of Japanese silk embroidery. My hands were always busy and Handwork was one of my favorite classes at school.

As I became a teenager, visual art became the focus of my creativity. After graduating from the Vancouver Waldorf School, I enrolled in the Capilano College Fine Arts Program, where I completed my diploma in Visual Arts in 1999.

As soon as I became a mother, I began to create special treasures for my children, and reconnected with my Fibre Arts roots. I discovered needle felting in 2001 and began selling my work soon after. I studied weaving and spinning with local Artists and natural plant dyeing with Masters from all over the world.

Teaching came as a natural evolution. I ran classes out of my studio for a number of years before being invited to co-teach the Handwork program at the Sunrise Waldorf School in 2010. Finding my true calling, I enrolled in the Applied Arts Teacher Training at the Fiber Craft Studio in New York; a four year program dedicated specifically to teaching Handwork in Waldorf Schools. In 2013, I took on the full Sunrise Handwork program, graduating from my Teacher Training in 2015.




Physical Education - Georgia Newsome

Georgia graduated from Kings Langley Waldorf School, in the UK. She completed her training in Spatial Dynamics and Bothmer gymnastics in Germany in 1986. Georgia has taught at Waldorf schools in England, Germany, Canada and the USA, presented at teachers conferences and mentored new teachers. While teaching at the Ringwood Waldorf School in England Georgia also worked as the movement educator and physical therapist at their Camphill Community; setting up and teaching sports and activity programs for children and adults with learning disabilities. Georgia is also an instructor in sea kayaking and river/whitewater kayaking, and fencing.



Strings - Alexis More

Born in Victoria to two music teacher parents, Mrs More never knew if she was born with her love of music, or her immersion in it just grew on her. At a young age she asked to play the violin and has been on her journey with music and string instruments ever since. From her first day tutoring younger students in the school strings program she was hooked. There is nothing more enlivening and important to her than to see a child learn and thrive in music. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Uvic and has taught strings classes, orchestras and private lessons for over 19 years. Mrs More is also a professional Viola player with the La Cafamore string quartet as well as various orchestras. Her previous time as the strings teacher at Sunrise Waldorf School was the highlight of her class teaching and after living in Nelson BC for 7 years decided to return to SWS. The energy and life at SWS is always an inspiration to her and she is thrilled to be a part of this community.



Woodwork - Massimo Pintus 

Massimo was born in Italy. He has had an interest in Anthroposophy since 1997. From 2001-2005 he trained as a Werbeck singer in Jarna, Sweden. During that time he taught handwork and theatre at Solvike Waldorf School. In 2005 Massimo, and his family, moved to Vancouver Island where he trained as a carpenter, and started teaching Woodwork at SWS.













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