School History

Sunrise Waldorf School was founded in 1980. A group of devoted parents had a vision that they could school their children together in a more ideal way. SWS had its beginnings in a cabin on a founding parent’s property with ten young students. Its early years were full of children’s laughter and playful adventures when families would hike, camp, swim, and commune together. During early growth spurts, the parents and teachers pooled their resources and skills, firstly to build their own school and then to remodel a former public school. Then, in 1991, a wonderful thing happened!  All the teachers and families participated in the renovation of our current property, providing a place where the school’s horizons could be expanded even more.

Sunrise Waldorf School has now grown into a (full member of AWSNA) Waldorf school with over 170 students, and is known throughout this continent and others. New pioneers arrive each year in the form of children, parents, board members, administrators and teachers. Our school attracts many associates and professionals – artistic therapists, biodynamic farmers, Camphill caregivers, healers and curative teachers – who come and become a vital part of our community. Over the years, families have moved from all over Canada and around the world (France, Israel, Mexico, China, USA, Italy, Sweden…) to join us in our work and play. And recently some of the pioneer children have returned with their own children.

What’s next for Sunrise Waldorf School? Just like the alumni who have been nurtured by this outstanding curriculum and enlivened by the arts, our school will continue to venture out with confidence, strength and an eagerness to impact the world. The foundation is strong.  It is time for Sunrise Waldorf School to sing its song to the world. And those who are reading this are an important part of the choir.  

Ruth Ker

Founding teacher, Sunrise Waldorf School

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