Dress Code - Clothing and Personal Appearance

Please consider school as being worthy of neat and attractive appearance. Simple and appropriate dress allows students to get on with their day without self-conciousness. Students are expected to be dressed in neat, clean, comfortable and appropriate school clothing that does not impede their participation in any activities, or distract other students. In order to promote good health, positive self-image, a good learning environment and a "cared for" appearance, the following restrictions apply:

General Guidelines:

  • Torn, defaced clothing must not be worn at school.
  • All clothing must have completed hems. 

Disallowed Articles of Clothing:

  • Shirts that fall off of the shoulder
  • Low-neckline or shirts revealing cleavage
  • Spaghetti strap shirts 
  • No undergarments may be revealed
  • Restrictive or tight clothing
  • Any clothing with pictures, writing or large logos

Solid colors, stripes and simple prints are allowed. Our school logo is allowed.

Acceptable Length:

  • Sleeves must not hang down over hands
  • The hemline on girls’ skirts may not be higher than a four-finger width above the knee.
  • The hemline on shorts may not be higher than an eight-finger width above the knee.
  • Midriffs must be covered
  • Shirts and tops must meet the top of pants.
  • When students are active and stretching, underwear must not be revealed.
  • Pants must rest on the waist and not fall to the hips, and must not reveal underwear.


  • Caps, hats, hoods and head scarves and coverings must be removed before entering the classroom or assembly hall. EXCEPTIONS: for specific cultural, religious or medical reasons communicated by parent to teacher.
  • In compliance with health and safety regulations, students must wear footwear at school, inside and outside. Special circumstances may exist for supervised games lessons.
  • Shoes not allowed include open-back shoes, shoes that light up, shoes with cartoon or media images, high heels, flip-flops and roller shoes (shoes with wheels).
  • Tights or leggings may only be worn under skirts or shorts of appropriate length. (See above.)
  • No dyed hair, hair extensions or distracting hairstyles.
  • No nail polish, including toe-nail or clear polish. Students will be asked to remove immediately.
  • Make-up. Grades One to Six: Make-up may not be worn. Grades Seven and Eight: Light make-up may be worn. If it is deemed otherwise, students will be asked to remove immediately.
  • Jewelry may not be worn to school. EXCEPTIONS: A plain signet ring, stud plain earrings, or for specific cultural, religious or medical reasons communicated by parent to teacher.
  • No body piercings, nose rings, body transfers or tattoos.
  • Skateboards and In-line skates are permitted in Grades Six to Eight. Helmets are mandatory.

Students not in compliance with the dress code will be instructed to change into extra clothing for the first incident. Repeat offenses will result in the student being sent home.      

On rainy days your child should wear rain boots, a raincoat and hat, and be sufficiently warm. Well fitting indoor shoes that do not leave black scuff marks should be kept at school. Please send an extra set of clothing and rain pants to be kept at the school - this is particularly essential for the younger children. Please label all clothing.




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